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Shapeshifting DIY Robots

Last night, right before going to bed, I decided to play The Room 3. It’s a beautiful game with elaborate puzzles. I was completely lost in the world of intricate models and mind-bending transformations. Later that night I had the most awesome dream:

Don’t Give Up

Mastering something can take time. In my case, it took me about 18 months to get to the point where I could do a set of 10 Lever Pull-ups.

Learn These Things Before You Need to Know Them

A few weeks ago, when my older two boys were getting ready to go off to college I was reminded of something I read online: Buy a toilet plunger before you need a toilet plunger. In today’s post I would like to list four things that you should know how to do, before you have to do them.

Examining a Picture

A few minutes ago I zoomed in on a photograph that I had taken in April. I saw details that fundamentally changed my understanding of what’s going on in the picture. It’s funny how often that happens.

You Can Learn a Lot if You Listen

My family visited the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia last year. One night, while we were out, everyone was tired and hungry. They found a comfortable spot and decided to sit down for a while. They asked my older sons and I to go pick up some food from any local restaurant and bring it back, so we could all eat together.

Tools I Use in Class

I’d like to share with you the various tools that I’ve found work well for my iOS class. I’ll show you what I use for video, displaying keyboard shortcuts, slides, and class notes.

Who’s Your Child?

If you’re a parent, you’ve either been through this, or will soon: At some point you stop being known by the neighbors by your own name, and start being identified by your kids’ names. You become “Adam’s Dad” or “Sarah’s Mom.”